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The first SX70 Sonar model model was introduced in 1978. The original retail price was just below $250. There were several versions with minor improvements and there were different colour combinations. As it's a good camera and a real SLR, prices are still quite high. The Sonar might be handy, but adds to the size of the camera.

Features of the SX70 Sonar model:
    4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens
    Minimum focus: 10.4 inches
    Autofocus; uses Polaroid Sonar AF system.
    AF "preview" available before exposure is made.
    Full manual focus is also possible.
    Low-light warning in viewfinder.
    Electronic shutter
    Programmed automatic exposure, shutter speeds from >10 sec to 1/175; aperture range f/8- f/22; smaller apertures possible when flash is used.
    Auto flash exposure based on focus distance, Max flash distance 20ft.
    Built-in Flashbar socket for flash. Accessory electronic flashes were also available.
    Socket for an electrically-actuated remote shutter release.
    SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) viewing.
    Chrome-plated or black plastic body with faux leather covering.

Some photos:

The Polaroid SX70 Sonar. This is the second model, released in 1981.

Camera front and an electronic Polatronic flash. This flash model needs a tripod. Next to the camera an Ever-Ready leather case.

Camera unfolded in its Ever-Ready case.

Camera folded in its Ever-Ready case.

Closed, seen from above. The Porvair (faux leather) covering begins to deteriorate which is the case quite often.

Closed, seen from below. Tripod socket.

Polatronic flash detached. In front of the flash diffusor for close distances.

A late all-black model and its instructions.

Flap open.

Closed, seen from above. The Porvair (faux leather) covering is in extremely good state which isn't the case very often. This is a later Porvair version which seems to age better.

Closed, seen from below. Tripod socket.

Camera, flash, both instructions and bag which can contain the set.