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This is the Polaroid Super Swinger. It is an early non-folding non-U.S. pack film camera. It has a fixed focus. It is based on the 3000 "Big Swinger" with a more modern body like the Zip. It still has the exposure system from the Swinger roll film model and takes pack 80 film ISO 3000 only.

Lens: 114mm menisus plastic
Mecanical shutter, single speed rotary, everset, 1/200s
Photometer, coupled to aperture setting, refernce window under the finder, indicating "Yes" if exposure is fine.
You have to squeeze the shutter button and turn until "yes" appears.
Size: approx. 17x14x13cm, Weight: 520gr.
Built-in flashgun for AG-1 bulbs, indication window for flash range according to the aperture set

Some pictures:

Camera from one side...

...and above.

Back view. Short user manual.


Back open. Takes 2 AA batteries.