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This a very special gear, the Polaroid Palette 72-10. It allows to make photos from a video on pack film (device shown) and on 35mm film with another device. There are other models, like the Palette 6000 (which I own as well), which capture photos from a computer. For this you need a special software, Raster Plus, which was very expensive in those days (~ $ 3.000) which only runs on old Windows versions. It took me years to get my hands on a legal version, but now I have one. BTW: be cautious to download versions from the web. It's mostly empty promises, but you will get plenty of malware on your computer.

I have not had the time to set it up, but I kept an old computer to do so. So for the moment just one picture:


If you have useful information to share, please let me know.