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This a very special gear, mainly for jewellers and coin merchants, the Macrospeed. It allows to make macro photography of very small items in a very easy way, just put it into the drawer, push the button and it's done. Focus is fine between the bottom of the drawer and the rim where the masks go. There are accessories which allow up to 4 different takes of the item on one photo. So a recto/verso of one or two items on one photo is possible. Multiple exposure enables playing around. A very nice item for those who are into macro photography. This is a french item.

Self-explaining front. 1: on/off switch. 4: exposure time selector. 5: exposure button. 6: exposure control lamp. 7: eject photo and counter. 8: eject dark slide. 9: photo ready lamp. 10: fuse.

Put your object into the drawer and close. Select exposure time (trial and error, but think of multiple exposure to waste less film). Push no. 5 and wait. Re-arrange if you want multiple exposure and push no. 5 again. When all shots are taken, push no. 7, the photo will be ejected and the counter moves further. That's all.

Seen from above.

Film compartment open.

Left: exposure drawer, full frame installed. Right: accessory drawer.

Basic accessories.

Full frame.

Half frame.

Combining the frames for 4 takes of the same object on one photo. Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Take 4 and eject.

Recto/verso of 2 items. Recto.

Verso and eject.

This is a very easy special camera. Great fun to play with it.