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The i-Zone is a fixed focus, fixed shutter speed camera with 3 apertures. It was first released by Polaroid in 1999, together with a new format of Polaroid film, a print measuring only 24mm×36mm, the size of a 35mm film negative. I-Zone film is an integral film, like 600, 640 ISO. There is no motorized ejection, so the prints must be pulled out of the camera manually, as the old Packfilm. The camera was produceded for Polaroid by the Japanese toy manufacturer Tomy. Marketing was successfully aimed towards children and it was the world's best-selling camera in 1999 and 2000.

There were different designs and colour combinations and even an awkward 
0.3 MP Digital Combo, a regular I-Zone camera with a cheap digital camera attached to it. Film was already discontinued in 2006, expiry dates were short, so unopened film will no longer work,

Lens: ~50mm?, 3 apertures, single-element plastic
Fixed focus, optimized for 0.6 to 2.5m
Shutter: single speed, said to be ~ 1/125s
Built-in electronic flash, no flash off
Camera sets itself to off after taking a photo.

Some pictures:

The package, still sealed.

What's in the package: camera with strap, instructions, film ad, Polaroid branded batteries (leaking after 20 years) and a film box that contains no film. In 1999/2000 there was a 6-photo film in the package. Maybe they had no 6-photo film any more (an ordinary pack contains 12 photos) so they put a dummy box. Great deception...

Front. Viewing lens, taking lens, opening for a light sensor ? (I could not see any difference when obstructing it), flash, always fires.

Bottom. Short instructions.

Top. Flash ready lamp, on/off switch with 3 aperture settings. Returns to off after taking a picture to save batteries. Switching it on charges the batteries.

Back. Viewer.

Camera open. Rollers at both ends.

Film compartment. A mirror to project the image from the len onto the film.

Battery compartment. Takes 2 AA batteries.

A lot of 6 sealed packages, bought in 2023. I hoped for 6 film packs to get at least 1 or 2 photos. The batteries are leaking and what seems to be a film pack is a dummy.

This camera cannot be used anymore. There is no film, as for quite some other Polaroid cameras...