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This a common special gear, the Polaroid Daylab. It allows to make copies of diapositives on Pack 100 film in a very easy way, just put the diapositive into the frame, push the button and it's done. From the 50s to the 70s diapositives were sharper and had more details than colour negative film, so they were very popular. Nearly every shop for film and gear had a daylab to provide paper copies of diapositives to their clients. This is the basic version, the Junior. It is focus free, but lets you adjust colours. There were versions with fine focus, versions with several bases like one for integral film, and versions for bigger format as 4x5 and even 8x10.

Most Daylabs were delivered with a converter 12 volt to 120 volt, so if you live in Europe, pay attention to not plug it into 230 volt without another converter. But any 12 volt to 230 volt converter of 1 A would do. The 12 volt plug is standard and easy to find. There were Daylab versions with batteries, but I would not recommend them.

Some pictures:

The daylab and its manual.

Seen from the back.

Front with slide holder.

Panel. 3 sliders for colour correction. Film type switch, sets ISO and time: 1 = 665 b&w film, 75 ISO/30sec., 2 = 669, 80 ISO/60s, 3 = 679 and similar, 100 ISO/90s, best setting for Fuji FP100 film. Timer, if needed with "ready" lamp, not necessary for Fuji Film. View/Off/Print switch. Lighten/Darken setting. Start button and "flash ready" lamp.

Put your slide into the holder and insert. Check whether the dark slide is inserted. Put the switch to "view" and open the image preview door.

Image preview door open. The image is projected on the white dark slide for framing. Then close the door, switch to "off" before retracting the dark slide, after removing the dark slide move the switch to "print". Wait until the flash is charged. Push the start button, a flash will print the slide on film. Re-insert the dark slide and pull the photo. That's it.

Base open.

Base with dark slide and image area indication.

Dark slide pulled half way.

Base seem from the bottom.

Film compartment.