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This a special gear, the Polaroid Daylab CopySystem Pro. It allows to make copies of photos or drawings or even small 3D objects on Pack 100 film. Its main purpose was to make high quality copies of Polaroid pictures. It's very easy to use, just put the Polaroid picture on the glass, push the button and it's done. Most shops for film and gear had a Daylab CopySystem Pro to provide copies of Polaroid pictures to their clients. The Copy Pro makes 1:1 copies. Today it's mainly used for picture transfer.

The Daylab CopySystem Pro was delivered with a converter 6 volt to 120 volt, so if you live in Europe, pay attention to not plug it into 230 volt without another converter. But any 6 volt to 230 volt converter of 1 A would do. The 6 volt plug is standard and easy to find, but you will need a cranked plug as the plug sits under the bottom. It can also be used with 4 C batteries, but I would not recommend it. Please note that the adapter from a standard slide printing Daylab is 12v, so you will destroy your Copy Pro with it.

Lens     75mm
Exposure Control     5 F-stop range (+- 2.5 stops)
Usable Film Type     3x4 Peel Apart Films
Power Supply     4 - C Batteries or AC adapter (included)
Dimensions (HxWxL)     15 x 26 x 28 cm
Weight     2kg

Some pictures:

The Copy Pro, its power supply 6v to 120v and a 230v to 120v concverter.

There is a black lid in case that your picture is smaller than 4x6"

Seen from the back.

Right side.

Bottom. Battery compartment open and power supply plugged.

Front with panel.

Panel with "Ready" lamp lit. On/Off switch. Lighten/Darken setting. "Flash ready" lamp. Print button.

Original photo, 4x6" format and 3x4" part copy.