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This is the POLAROID 660 LightMixer. It is one of the better and more desired Polaroid models from the "square corner" series, also marketed as "Sun" and "OneStep", this one has Autofocus via a Sonar system. The Autofocus can be disabled (for photographing through a window-pane e.g.). The disable-switch is under the flash and has to be held while photographing.

To save the battery the flash only charges when the shutter button is pressed half way down. It charges quickly, but you loose some seconds as the camera will not shoot until it's charged. There is a red light in the viewer while the flash is charging. It has nevertheless a 2-part shutter button, which enables you to not fire the flash if you only push the second part of the button and not the first (red) one.

Lens: 116mm  f/9 3-element plastic
Automatic focus, uses Polaroid Sonar AF system. Minimum focus 60cm.
Size: approx. 9,3x11,3x15cm, Weight: 605gr.
Automatic flash with qick charge.
Tripod socket.

Some pictures:

Camera closed with strap and instructions.

Camera open.

Camera, bag and manual.