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This is the POLAROID 636 CLOSEUP. It's the successor of the 635 CLOSEUP from the so-calles "curved corner" series, also marketed under the "OneStep" name. This one has a sliding plastic lens which can be put in front of the main lens for a focussing range from 60cm to 1.2m. There was a second, more colourful version (see further below).

Lens: 11/116mm (one-element plastic)
Size: approx. 9,3x11,3x15cm, Weight: 590gr.
Close-Up lens.
Automatic flash with qick charge.

Some pictures:

Camera closed.

Camera open.

Back view.

Side view.


There was a "Party Pack" with camera and several films, which contains a modded, more colourful version of the 636 CloseUp-

The pack.

Camera open. They no longer mention the close-up lens, but it is still present.