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This is the POLAROID MINIPORTRAIT CAMERA 454. It has been made in Japan. It shoots 4 passport pictures on a sheet of 4x5 inch film. It is very similar to the 402 except its bigger format.

Focal distance calculated for 1.2m distance to the object, measurement tape integrated.
F: 8 to 32.
Shutter speeds: B, 1/60 and 1/125.
Flash socket for x-sync cable.
Viewer with bright lined frame.

It takes 4 pictures at once, but can make different pictures if using black lens caps. There was a set of 4 stick-on lenses avaliable, for taking portraits of 2 or 3 persons. The camera works without batteries. There are 2 Polaroid Film backs for this camera, the 545 single sheet back and the 454 pack film back. This camera was the simple work-horse for studio portraits. The 4x5 Instant film has long been discontinued. But as the back is a standard Graflex back, the camera can be used with ordinary 4x5 sheet film in a standard Graflex back. The 454 back is said to be an easy base to be altered for wet collodion photography.

So here are some pictures:


Back side. Attached timer.

Seen from above. Shutter cocking lever, flash socket, accessory shoe.