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This camera is one of the cheaper models with plastic body, nevertheless it has a glass lens, not plastic as the cheapest models

The features common to all Pack 100 folding cameras:

    Pull-out front standard with scissor strut design.
    Removable hinged plastic cover protects entire front of camera when camera is not in use.
    Unit focus; focus is controlled by pushing on either side of a sliding arm located near the base of the bellows struts.
    Shutter must be manually cocked, shutter release is on top of camera body.
    PC socket for flash (Model 360 excepted), flashgun is clipped to the top of the camera.

Features of the 430 model:

    Lens: 114mm f/8.8 3-element glass
    Shutter: Electronic; 10 seconds - 1/1200
    Only has settings for films speeds of 75 and 3000 ASA.
    Lacks "scene selector"; lens aperture at 3000 ASA is fixed at f/42.
    Built-in mechanical development timer
    Leather carrying strap

    Has simpler, rigid viewfinder with "image sizer" distance estimator instead of rangefinder.

A manual focus scale is also visible in the finder. Finder has projected framelines and automatic parallax compensation. The distance estimator device featured on this and a few other low-end folding pack cameras is not a true rangefinder, but can be used as a focusing aid for portrait work. Superimposed in the viewfinder are two horizontal lines. One of these lines shifts up and down as the camera is focused, while the other remains stationary. The photographer is supposed to adjust the focus so that the subject's head fits just between the two lines. The non-stationary line in the finder also has a pointer at one end which indicates the focus distance (in feet) along a scale.

The 400 series cameras similar to the equivalent 300 series models except for a new flash system using a new flashgun (#490) which couples to the focusing mechanism of the camera. This new flashgun uses Hi-Power flashcubes, hard to find, whereas the old #268 flash for the earlier cameras used M3 flashbulbs instead. These two flashguns are not interchangable with each other.

Some photos:

The Polaroid 100

Front with focussed flash attached

Back with mechanical timer

Seen from above

Folded with attached cover

In its case

The original Polaroid case