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This is the POLAROID MINIPORTRAIT CAMERA 402. It has been made in Japan. It shoots 4 passport pictures on a sheet of 100 pack film.

Focal distance calculated for 1.2m distance to the object, measurement tape integrated.
F: 8 to 32.
Shutter speeds: B, 1/60 and 1/125.
Flash socket for x-sync cable.
Viewer with bright lined frame.

It takes 4 pictures at once, but can make different pictures if using black lens caps. There was a set of 4 stick-on lenses avaliable, for taking portraits of 2 or 3 persons. The camera works without batteries. The Polaroid Film back has "split claws", it's compatible with the 600SE. This camera was the simple work-horse for studio portraits.

The camera shown misses the dark slide. With 2 backs and slides a photographer could easily switch between colour and b&w portraits. The timer attached to the back was necessary for the original polaroid film, which had to be developped exactly in time according to the temperature, whereas the Fuji FP film is self-terminating.

So here are some pictures:


Left side, grip with shutter button, aperture setting on housing.

Right side. Viewer, speed setting, tape measure integrated in bottom.

Back side. Attached timer.

Seen from above. Shutter cocking lever, flash socket, accessory shoe, back lock and film sheet extraction slot.

Tripod socket, back lock and slot for dark slide.

Back detached.

Polaroid back 600SE type.

Film Back open.