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This camera is the only Polaroid Pack 100 camera with electronic flash. All other cameras, folding or not-folding, have bulb flashes, flashcubes or the hard-to-find HiPower cubes. So this models is of special interest...if the flash works. The original rechargeable batteries are all dead. Replacement is possible, but be sure that it has been done if you want a working system.

The 360 model was produced from 1969-1971 and it was quite expensive, just under $ 200.

Mine had the batteries replaced, so it works fine. There is detailed information about changing the batteries here. The link opens in a new window. And: sometimes the capacitor has to be changed as well. Anyway, this is pro work!

The features common to all Pack 100 folding cameras:

    Pull-out front standard with scissor strut design.
    Removable hinged plastic cover protects entire front of camera when camera is not in use.
    Unit focus; focus is controlled by pushing on either side of a sliding arm located near the base of the bellows struts.
    Shutter must be manually cocked, shutter release is on top of camera body.

Features of the 360 model:

    Lens: 114mm f/8.8 3-element glass
    Shutter: Electronic; 10 seconds - 1/1200
    Flip-up single-window view/rangefinder made by Zeiss Ikon. Finder has projected framelines and automatic parallax compensation.
    Aperture-priority automatic exposure only
    Settings for film speeds of 75, 150, 300, and 3000 ASA.
    "Scene selector" switch which gives choice of two different aperture settings for each film speed setting, lens can be used at full aperture with 3000 ASA film.
    Exposure compensation dial with range of -1/+2 stops ("Lighten/Darken" control).
    Metal body and metal shutter/lens housing; has tripod socket
    Leather carrying strap
    Built-in electronic development timer
    "Daylight" scene setting for 3000 ASA is f/60 instead of f/42.

And the most important feature: the camera is supplied with special electronic flash unit (#365) which couples to the focussing mechanism of the camera to provide auto flash exposure. The flash runs on sealed rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack, a special charging stand is provided with camera. Attention! The charger is 110 volt!

Some photos:

The Polaroid 360 and its flash. There are shades in front of the flash lamp which are coupled to the focussing machanism


Back with its electronic timer

Left side

Seen from above

Flash and charger attached. Instructions provided on the gear.

The whole set, camera, flash, charger, instructions and strap.

There was a compact case available

The batteries of the camera are not in the back as usual, this space is taken by the electronic flash coupling. The battery compartment is at the front.

An easy solution to adapt modern batteries to this one: just peel the contacts off an old 532 original battery and clip them to the camera contacts. the remaining space holds a CR123 battery. You need 2 if you want a working timer, not necessary for auto-terminating Fuji film.