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The 250 model is the successor of the model 100 camera. The 250 model was produced from 1967-1969. Although the original retail price was  $159,95 (which would be $1.200 in 2019!) there were about 800.000 cameras sold. Cheaper versions followed and reached more than 3.000.000 in production numbers.

The features common to all Pack 100 folding cameras:

    Pull-out front standard with scissor strut design.
    Removable hinged plastic cover protects entire front of camera when camera is not in use.
    Unit focus; focus is controlled by pushing on either side of a sliding arm located near the base of the bellows struts.
    Shutter must be manually cocked, shutter release is on top of camera body.
    PC socket for flash (Model 360 excepted), flashgun is clipped to the top of the camera.

Features of the 100 model:

    Lens: 114mm f/8.8 3-element glass
    Shutter: Electronic; 10 seconds - 1/1200
Flip-up single-window view/rangefinder made by Zeiss Ikon. Finder has projected framelines and automatic parallax compensation.
    Aperture-priority automatic exposure only
    Settings for film speeds of 75, 150, 300, and 3000 ASA.
    "Scene selector" switch which gives choice of two different aperture settings for each film speed setting, lens can be used at full aperture with 3000 ASA film.
    Exposure compensation dial with range of -1/+2 stops ("Lighten/Darken" control).
    Metal body and metal shutter/lens housing; has tripod socket
    Leather carrying strap

Some photos (photos by courtesy of Charles Pelerin):

Camera closed.


Right side.


Left side

Seen from above

Film chamber.

Folded with detached cover.

Seen from below. Tripod socket.